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City moves to condemn first "blight" property under new policy

November 9th, 2017 - 09:30 am

PORT ANGELES- Port Angeles City Council passed a resolution last night designed to deal with chronically derelict properties, known as blight properties, when all other means have been exhausted. The new resolution was passed specifically for a property on Fairmount Avenue who’s owner has received multiple citations in the past two years and still has not done enough to get the place cleaned up. The issues include overgrown weeds and grass, multiple junk vehicles, piles of garbage and debris, a burned structure, plus it’s infested with rodents and accessible to transients.

With the new resolution, the City Attorney now has authorization to go forward with getting the property condemned, and then the City would actually purchase the property and either clean it up for resale, or sell it “as is” to a buyer with stipulations to to do the work themselves. Senior Assistant City Attorney Heidi Greenwood emphasizes the point that this is not about the city acquiring property, and is only to be used as a last resort. We asked if she thought the new strategy might encourage other owners of derelict properties to respond sooner to nuisance code violations:


In order to acquire the property, the City Attorney has to file a petition to Superior Court to initiate proceedings. The money to pay for the property would come from the City’s General Fund using excess reserves. The cost is expected to be 30 thousand dollars.


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