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Fluoride debate at local business group

October 11th, 2017 - 05:30 am

(Port Angeles) – The debate over adding fluoride in the Port Angeles water supply went before a group of local business leaders.

The Port Angeles Business Association hosted a forum featuring for and against.

Dr. Tom Locke, who is currently Jefferson County's health officer, says adding fluoride is a safe and effective way to deal with oral health. He characterized the arguments against it as based on “fake science”.



Port Angeles had fluoride added to the water for just over a decade before stopping it earlier this year. Supporters say it has helped lower the number of cavities, especially with children in the area.

But opponents say it can cause long-term health problems, especially in older adults.

Jim Bourget is with the local group opposing fluoride called "Our Water, Our Choice".

He told the PABA says the issue is also about personal freedom



Port Angeles voters will have their say this fall. The city is running an advisory measure on the November ballot asking whether or not fluoride should be added. That vote result is not binding for the city council.


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