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City And Port Draw Up Agreement For Tree Removal

September 12th, 2017 - 11:00 am

Port Angeles – Following a special joint meeting between the City of Port Angeles and the Port of Port Angeles, an interlocal agreement was reached in lieu of an avigation agreement.

The city and port met back in January to look at an avigation easement to protect the 5,000 foot threshold of runway 26 at Fairchild Airport.

The interlocal agreement is an interim measure until an avigation easement can be adopted. The interlocal agreement serves the same purpose.

Director of Community and Economic Development for the city, Nathan West, spoke with us about how this agreement benefits the city and port in lieu of an avigation agreement with the FAA.

In this agreement, the port would be responsible for removal of any trees that obstruct the runway path in the future, along with the cost of removal. Any such operation by the port would first have to be approved by the city.

The latest flight path tree removal efforts date back to 2002 with FAA financing of the operation. Then in 2007, 350 additional trees were removed, again with a majority of FAA funding. In 2014 seven trees were removed at an expense to the port of $23-thousand dollars. The latest tree removal operation took place in 2017 with the removal of 41 trees at an expense to the port of $60-thousand dollars.


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