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County Commissioners Briefed On 2018 Budget

September 11th, 2017 - 01:30 pm

(Port Angeles) – Clallam  County Administrator, Jim Jones, briefed the county commissioners on the current status of the county's 2018 projected budget at the commissioner's weekly work session.

In that briefing, Jones included the projected general fund revenues after accounting for each of the asks from department heads that totaled almost $37-million dollars.

This budget projection doesn't include revenues that could come from the new one-tenth of one percent juvenile detention facilities tax. That tax will be a ballot issue on this November's general election.

Also not included were any sales from county timber.

Salaries and benefits increased for 2018 by just over $884-thousand dollars, a 3.22% bump. That increase for next year is not due to any new hires, but is due to a contracted agreement which raises salaries and benefits with two COLA increases totaling 2% during 2018.

Jones was asked by Commissioner Johnson, what made up the difference between his predicted 2% COLA wage increase and his 3.22% wage and benefits prediction.

Jones also projected that the general fund spending would be down slightly compared to 2017 by a little over $221-thousand dollars.

As things stand now, Jones also predicted an additional reduction in the general fund reserve of almost $1.4-millions dollars.

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