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PA To Take New Legal Approach To Blighted Property

September 6th, 2017 - 11:30 am

Port Angeles – The City of Port Angeles is looking at using an existing state law for compliance when it comes to code enforcement on blighted properties.

"Blighted property" is the legal term for land that is in a dilapidated, unsafe, and unsightly condition.

Heidi Greenwood is a Senior Assistant City Attorney for Port Angeles. She spoke with us about some of the reasons the city is looking at this new legal approach.

Because this type of legal approach is existing state law, no new municipal codes would need to be enacted. Greenwood provided a summary of how the law could be used.

The state law has some provisions that the city council will have to consider if it chooses to go forward with this type of property acquisition.

Greenwood said that the city does have some existing properties that may become the object of this new procedure. She added that this new approach is somewhat of a last chance for the non-compliant property owners to bring their property up to code.


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