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Lake Crescent Road Delays-What To Expect This Week And Next

August 3rd, 2017 - 08:30 am

Lake Crescent – Through the remainder of this week, road crews at Lake Crescent will be prepping for rock scaling, which means delays of about 15 minutes for motorists using the 101.

The National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration are working on 12 miles of Highway 101 around Lake Crescent and four miles of East Beach Road.

For the remainder of this week, flaggers are controlling traffic and concrete barriers will stay up for the duration of the rock scaling work with temporary traffic signals controlling the one-lane area after work hours and on weekends. short delays for alternating single-lane traffic will continue after work hours and on weekends.

Actual rock scaling work is scheduled to begin Monday, August 7th. With rock scaling underway, both lanes will be closed for roughly 20 minutes to clean up any debris that may have fallen on the roadway over the containment system barriers.

Traveling in the early morning and early evening can help you avoid the half-hour delays. Work hours can begin two hours after sunrise and must end two hours before sunset.

This project will take an estimated three construction seasons to complete and will address safety and long-term maintenance issues.


Here is the link for the Lake Crescent Road Project :

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