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PA Ethics Ordinanace Reworked With City Council Approval

May 18th, 2017 - 09:30 am

Port Angeles – The Port Angeles City Council moved forward on recommendations for the Ethics Ordinance.

An Ethics Ordinance was put into place in 2002 as part of the City Code to address behavioral expectations for city employees. That ethics section was never used until 2016.

City Manager, Dan McKeen, provided details on that.

McKeen's mention of Section J of the code, refers to “Standards of Conduct”, and was part of a series of complaints that alleged council members had violated that section relative to fluoridating the city's drinking water.

The City Council held a work session on March 28 to review the current ethics ordinance. During the work session, Council identified three options for changing the ordinance, and directed the City Manager to gather more information on those three options.

The three options were:

To use the Washington Cities Insurance Authority recommendation to follow State law on conflict of interests, and require the City Council to receive ethics training once per year.

Retain the ethics ordinance, but remove Section J, and

Keep the ethics ordinance as it is, but have an appointed board, not one that is picked from a 9-member pool each time there is a complaint.

Council members at Tuesday night's council meeting seemed to favor option one over all when Mayor Downie called for a vote to recommend that option to the City Manager to rework the ordinance. Council member Brad Collins made the motion.

The ethics ordinance will be re-worked and brought back to the council for further review and possible approval at the June 6th council meeting.


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