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PA Woman Sentenced For Domestic Violence

May 17th, 2017 - 11:30 am

Port Angeles – A Port Angeles woman was convicted of Domestic Violence Assault and now faces 10 days in county jail.

Michelle M. Osborn was convicted of Assault IV Domestic Violence for striking and injuring the father of her 7 year old child. A jury of six Clallam County residents found Ms. Osborn guilty of striking the victim with a pair of metal clamps used in woodworking.

During trial, Ms. Osborn’s defense consisted of the testimony of her mother and herself, but that testimony proved unconvincing to the jury.

Clallam County District Court I Judge Rick Porter sentenced Ms. Osborn to 10 days jail, along with the completion of an anger management course and associated costs.

The sentencing judge also took into account Ms. Osborn’s criminal history which included a prior conviction for Malicious Mischief III Domestic Violence and Violation of a No Contact Order.

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