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County Looking To Wind Up Law Suit Details In Clallam Bay

April 17th, 2017 - 01:00 pm

Clallam County – Clallam County is working to conclude its legal obligations in Clallam Bay from the Lange versus Clallam County lawsuit that was settled last year.

In that settlement, the county paid $210,000.00 along with closing costs to Scott K. Lange and his wife for waterfront property with two existing structures. Those structures will be removed by the county as part of the agreement.

The county recently held a public meeting in Clallam Bay with the residents there, to get feedback on how to best handle the removal of those buildings.

County Parks Director, Joel Winborn, conducted that meeting in Clallam Bay along with Commissioner Bill Peach. Winborn got some feedback from the residents in attendance on what to do with those structures.

Winborn said another area of concern for the locals, was the conversion of the property to a park. The residents wanted to know exactly what that meant for the property and for them.

The commissioners decided to handle the salvaging operation of the property in house, rather than to contract the work out. During the operation, county workers will determine what parts of the structure the county could reasonably expect to recover and re-purpose.

The hope is to have the work completed as close to June 1st as possible.

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