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Scammers Target PUD Customers

March 14th, 2017 - 10:30 am

Carlsborg - The PUD is reminding customers about potential utility scams that are being reported.

The scams take place in various ways, either over the phone, through mailers, via text messages or by people visiting a home or business.

Criminals are using various means of solicitation and may claim bills are delinquent or that special funding is available. These are all attempts to elicit financial information from the customer.

Both commercial and residential customers in the PUD’s service area have been recently targeted.

The scammers may call, or even visit a customer's home, claiming that the customer is delinquent on a PUD bill and asking for personal information or a pre-paid credit card for bill payment. There have been reports that the scammers are even able to make your caller ID function suggest they are the PUD calling.

For customer security, the PUD does not provide any account information unless the customer provides verification that they are the account holder.

The PUD says that while most scams tend to focus on residential customers, they know that commercial customers are not immune from these criminal efforts.

Customers can always verify any PUD issues with the PUD directly.

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